Welcome to Art Spark!

A free quarterly networking event meant to connect local artists,
organizations, and creators in the Portland Community.

What’s Happening:

Join us for our next Art Spark event August. Details to be announced


To be announced


To be announced


To be announced

Past Events

Art Spark is now going on its 9th year connecting creatives in the city of Portland. Check out our most recent events.

Photos by Miss Lopez Media

Ways to Connect with Us

Attend an event

Art Spark is a quarterly event hosted in rotating locations throughout the city of Portland. Our mission is to connect local artists, organizations, and creators to exchange resources and hold space for creative community.  Join our mailing list to stay up to date on upcoming Art Spark events. 

Featured Artist

We aim to feature 2-4 artists per event. Artists have the opportunity to share their writing, spoken word, dance, or other performance, although we remain open to sharing a range of art forms contingent on the venue. If you are interested in becoming a featured artist please email info@racc.org.


Community Partner and Featured Organizations

Community Partners and Featured Organizations are an important aspect of Art Spark programming. Each event features 3-4 Community Partners and 2-3 Featured Organizations. Community Partners and Featured Organizations act as a conductor to networking and may be reliant on the theme of the event. Community Partners are asked to provide a brief speaking component as well as the opportunity to table and provide information to the public. Featured Organizations are not required to provide a speaking component. 


We are always looking for new venues for Art Spark. You must have sufficient space to host 100-150 people comfortably and welcome all ages during the time of the event, usually before 8 PM. Please contact emarra-ketelaar@racc.org if you are interested in providing a venue for an upcoming Art Spark


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411 NW Park Avenue, Suite 101
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